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Egan Associates is a specialised financial training consultancy which is fully equipped to conduct staff technical development programmes professionally and effectively. As a client of Egan Associates you gain access for your staff to a team of trainers experienced in the financial markets, tested teaching techniques, consultancy services on  your strategy for staff development and an advisory service on putting training to practical use.

We work for a range of major banks and investment banks throughout Europe and Asia. Over the last fifteen years we have made a major contribution to our clients' success, at both an individual and corporate level.

Our success has been based on our single minded focus on meeting the client's needs. We can help you by:

- developing a skills and competencies analysis that will match the developing commercial needs of your bank

- working with you to audit existing skills and competencies against base requirements

- designing training programmes to match identified deficits in competencies

- delivering training programmes in our own areas of special expertise -
see the illustrative Seminar Outlines for some examples of our work.

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